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Realized Wig & Make-Up Designs

Fuddy Meers
(Eclectic Full Contact Theatre)

​​Director:Katherine Siegel

Prosthetic & SFX Make-up Design: Becky Curl

Make-up Assistant: Colby Flade

Costume Design: Cathy Tantillo

I created the burned ear prosthetic as well as the design for the burn/scar make-up on "The Limping Man" played by actor Andrew Pond.

Check out a review of the production here.



The Rover
(The Theatre School at DePaul University)

​​Director: Melanie Queponds

Wig & Make-up Design: Becky Curl

Knotting & Styling Assistants: Jennifer Lightfoot & TTS students

Costume Design: Isabelle Laursen

Scenic Design: Tara Huffman

Lighting Design: Sebastian Medina

Sound Design: Lauren Porter

Photography: Michael Brosilow



A Reconsolidated Life
A Devised Piece

​​Director: Jef Awada

Costume Design: Erin Reed

Scenic Design: Roger Chapman

Lighting Design: Tyler H. First

Sound Design: Patrick Burks

Properties: Alan Grell


Photography: Eric Woolsey 



The House of the Spirits

​​Director: Tamilla Woodard

Dramaturg: Brian Coats

Costume Design: Megan Harshaw

Scenic Design: Stefan D. Azizi

Lighting Design: Paige Seber

Projection Design: Shelby Loera

Sound Design: Tom Haverkamp


Photography: Eric Woolsey  & Tyler H. First



The Country Wife

Director: Bruce Longworth

Costume Design: Cynthia McDonald

Scenic Design: Myra Giorgi

Lighting Design: Marcy Barbeau

Sound Design: Tom Haverkamp


Photography: Meagan Stevenson 

Dinner With Friends

​​Director: Michael P. Raymond

Costume Design: Yvonne Anguiano

Scenic Design: Kyra Bishop

Lighting Design: Jonathan Schneider

Sound Design: Patrick Burks


Photography: Sukoski Brothers Photography

Almost, Maine

Director: John McCluggage

Costume Design: Sarah Swafford




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