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Five 80's Beauty Trends To Try in 2017

80s beauty trends for 2017

Photography: Becky Curl

The 90s had their fair share of influence in last year's beauty and fashion looks, but in 2017 the trends go back another decade. Prepare to welcome back 80s hairstyles, electric colors and edgy looks!

Besides 80s-inspired runway looks in collections from Alexander Wang and other young designers, people getting excited for Star Wars movies like we haven't seen in years and Netflix rebooting the 80s vibe through the upside down universe of Stranger Things, no one ever thought this decade would actually make a comeback past fiction, sequins and ruffles. But behold the brightness of blush and eyeshadow palettes, behold the perms and messy waves, behold all things 80s beauty which are definitely back in vogue this year.

According to Pinterest's analytic team, 80s hairstyles and makeup looks reached their ‘pinning’ peak in 2017, being as trendy right now as they can be – considering beauty seems to work in a strange loop and these looks are almost 40 years’ old.

You shouldn’t feel left out, so here are five 80s beauty trends to try out this year:

1. Perms – Yes, Perms!

What would be of 80s hairstyles without a classic perm in the mix? Big, messy and voluminous hair is making a huge comeback! If your hairstyle falls more on the straight side, try making a perm at home with rods for a less permanent look, before hitting the salon. And if your hair is already curly, you’re lucky – you’ve got a natural perm! Just give it a fresh look every morning with some mousse for definition and dry shampoo for volume.

To take care of and enhance your curls, check out Ouidad's hair products--they have an excellent range of treatments to help maintain your luscious locks.

2. Messy Waves

If you would give everything for 10 more minutes in bed every morning… here’s your excuse! 80s hairstyles are all about that casual ‘I woke up like this’ look, where you barely comb your hair and just embrace the tousled and messy waves you can thank your pillow for. You can apply a bit of dry shampoo for texture or go all in with salt spray. This look is also ideal for grunge fans!

Pro-Tip: Twisting or braiding wet hair and allowing it to try in those styles/shapes will create effortless waves--just make sure to finish the style with a bit of smoothing serum or pomade to tame any frizz or unruly ends!

3. Electric Eye Makeup

The 80s beauty looks are all about graphic and attention-grabbing eye makeup. Forget smoking and smudging out your eyeshadow – this is not Keeping Up With The Kardashians anymore! Keep an eye out for the new eye palettes to be released by major makeup brands – you’ll find electric blue, purple and red amongst the shades. Just don’t forget to keep it modern, so if you go all in on the eyes, everything else should be more neutral.

4. Glitter

There’s nothing like a bit of glitter in your face to give a whole 80s vibe to the look. Makeup brands are investing hard in glittery products – from eyeliner to lipstick, it’s all about shining through our true colors! Just don’t forget to keep it contemporary – so, no glitter all over your face. Choose between the eyelids and the lips when applying a bit of sparkle. Ruby red is definitely a favorite!

Try Kryolan's Glamour Sparks to add subtle shimmer to cheeks or mix it with an eyeliner sealing gel to create a beautiful shimmery liner.

5. Colorful hair accessories

You were waiting for these to come up, weren’t you? Yes, 80s hairstyles would be nothing without the classic scrunchies, colorful hair ties and big bows. Unless your outfit is way too minimalist, maybe don’t go for the big eye-catching bows just yet. Opt for a fun scrunchie to top up your high ponytail and balance out a neutral outfit, or go for a colorful hair tie to soften a darker look.

Check out stores like Forever 21 for inexpensive, fun hair accessories to help you get in on this trend without breaking the bank!

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